Wall Drug

My favorite is the upper right picture (suppress giggle here)

Driving through South Dakota almost necessitates a stop at the famous Americana road stop attraction Wall Drug!!  The build up to the place is almost unbearable, you’d think you were visiting Vahalla or something.  300 miles of large signs. And then . . . an exit . . . and ta-dah, you’re there!

Road trip USA calls it “America’s most famous roadside business”  and claims that it got so popular by advertising Free Ice Water in 1936 which brought the tourists swarming.  I can’t really speak to the ice water, it seemed pretty run-of-the-mill ice water to me, but the taxidermy museum, that I can speak to.

Did you know that I dabbled in taxidermy briefly?  I’m not an expert but I’ve skinned a couple mice, a squirrel, and a coyote (my crowning accomplishment).  Really, if you must know the story, here goes . . . we were trying to train endangered pygmy rabbits at the Oregon Zoo for reintroduction into the wild and needed a model of a natural predator to scare them with.  Being the resourceful person I am, when I saw a fresh road kill coyote on the side of the road driving to Seattle one day I pulled over, bagged the thing, and threw it on the roof.  Now it’s in the garage, but for my first major taxidermy job it actually turned out pretty life like.

Back to Wall Drug –

The taxidermy museum is almost as good as the one at the Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu. Bears, jackalopes, deer, polar bears, everything a taxidermy enthusiast (and non-taxidermy enthusiast) could ask for.  It’s tucked into one of the shops across the street from Wall Drug so definitely seek it out.

Make sure to:

  1. -Visit the 80 ft. dinosaur
  2. -Get some ice water
  3. -Try to find a cool t-shirt


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