Flower Power Rainboots

Dee loves umbrellas

Yesterday it rained cats and dogs at the base.  Which was probably lucky for me because Dee’s attention span has been growing short (yeah already – sigh).  But this girl LOVES the rain and everything to do with it, which is lucky for us because both places we live (PDX and Ya’an) are famous for the amount of yearly rain they receive.

So what did we do while the pandas huddled inside out of the rain and no behaviors were occurring?  Well . . . we jumped in puddles, rolled rocks down panda statues, tromped around the base in Dees’ favorite rain boots (we she rocks by the way!), and, you guessed it, jumped in more puddles.

She’s been asking the keepers to feed the panda bears for a few days now but they’ve been reluctant because they don’t want her near them (I’m not sure how they say “no” to that face but maybe I can learn something from them).  Who knew that we’d make her just as happy letting her toss some bamboo shoots into an empty cage?

She got to place 5 whole bamboo shoots into the panda cages. She was so stoked!

It completely topped off her day and she contentedly fell asleep on the bus ride home.  I hope you all had a lovely day as well (rain or shine!)


P.S. Happy Friday the 13th

9 thoughts on “Flower Power Rainboots

    • They’re her fav. We have to hide them when we don’t want her wearing them each and every day (sometimes they’re just not practical for running around)!

    • I’m a pretty big fan of the rain as well (you’d have to be to live in Portland)! It makes everything so fresh and reminds me of spring!

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